• Cheese Quesadilla
  • Southwest Steak Sandwich with Soup of the Moment
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About us

The Columbia City Ale House opened back in 2000 as then-owner, Jeff Eagan, expanded his vision of transporting the English-style pub to Seattle.

Long-time bartender, Emily Eberhart, has since taken over the helm with the energy and support to stay innovative throughout the pandemic and beyond. 

The Ale House has, and will continue to be, a neighborhood gem in the vibrant Columbia City community.

So here we are, 23 years and still going strong! Come on back and revisit your old favorites or join us for the first time and find your new favorite neighborhood pub! 


That vision grew to include offering a menu of gourmet food from Chef Jeff Reich at reasonable prices. Since those days, Seattle-style Ale House Cuisine has been synonymous with the 74th Street, Hilltop, and Columbia City Ale Houses.


Jeff intended to continue operating the Ale House with his 2 sons Brendan and Bryce at the helm, but Covid-19 had other plans. The Columbia City Ale House was forced to shutter its doors.

Emily Eberhart, Ale House bartender of 6 years, heard about the plans to close up shop and knew she had to figure out a way to keep the restaurant open. She met with friends and community members who were also not ready to say goodbye to their beloved restaurant.

So Emily got to work and has found a way to keep it open.

Here we are now, proud to announce the new owner of the Columbia City Ale House, Emily Eberhart.

Emily's experience, connection to the community, and love for the Ale House family will ensure the Ale House stays true to its roots. But don't be surprised if you start to see some changes around here once things start to get back to normal. There are new projects in the works that will hopefully elevate everyone's experience and bring in some new faces.

We all look forward to raising a glass with you to the long-continued life of the Columbia City Ale House.